About Us

Organization background:

Myanmar National Association of the blind MNAB is a membership based association representing the person with visually impaired living in Myanmar to World Blind Union.  MNAB has registered by National government in 2013 December. We have 530 individual members, and 5 collectives’ members throughout the country. Head quarter office is set up in Yangon city and three local branches are established in Mon, Sagaing and Shan region.


Our Vision is:

Promoting the quality of life and advocating the equality right of Persons with Visual Impairment in society.


Our Mission is:

The association aims to recommend a multi-dimension approach for Persons with Visual Impairment in holistic development and encourage disabled inclusiveness in policy design.  In fact, we dedicated to implement creating a network and providing a resource for every development actor.


Scope of working area:

  1. Implementing fully participation of visual Impairments according to the national laws
  2. Accessing the education for school-aged visual impairments
  3. Promoting employment opportunity for Visual Impairments
  4. Establishing rehabilitation for Visual Impairments
  5. To make access supportive resources and assistive devices for visually impaired person.
  6. To support various activities on reducing and protecting the cause of visual impairment.



Operating function:

MNAB started implementing targeted activities after becoming legislative organization by receiving registration from State Government in 2013.

In 2014, Higher education program has started by collaborating with International Council of Education for visually impaired person ICEVI. MNAB also extend collaborating with Overbroke school international program, ON-NET to promote ICT Area.  Providing computer training to be able to use assistive tools in their living. Developing local language screen reader is one of our big task up to present time.  We could success usable product base on E-speak.

In the year 2015, MNAB extend collaborating with Danish Association of the Blind (DAB) under the frame work of WBUAP.  , We build up our association and our members by the program of Organizational development and capacity building.

Currently, 18 staff are working for the Education, ICT, Braille production, Audio books production, Information Center and local branch activities.